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Intellectus saves time and money for our government customers providing
a variety of electronic content management and business process automation solutions.


Gives you control of the entire workflow process. Automate the flow of any set of tasks through each person in the chain. See who has signed off on a task or document. Get mission critical data to the right person at the right time. Track the status of each task at a glance. RAPID Workplace fully integrates the power of Intellectus’ Content Director and Process Director.

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Easy to deploy thin client
Flexible and secure web technology
Process automation and tracking made easy
Simple forms design and implementation

is your electronic filing cabinet. Store and manage any kind of content, from virtually any source. Search for what you need from anywhere. Open and revise a report, and have it instantly available to authorized users worldwide. All while keeping your information secure.

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Your electronic filing cabinet
Flexible upload and search features
Secure and safe, yet available anywhere
Use Content Director with your existing document library

automates and manages any sequence of tasks. Once someone signs off on a step, the work gets routed to the next person responsible. Keep track of what’s been done, and who has done it. Integrate with the workflow software you already have.

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Process Director keeps the work flowing
Automates any process
Routes critical documents
24/7 tracking and uditing

Provides a flexible viewing platform for indexing and QC functions  iDesktop’s multiple panels allows users to process an entire batch of documents at one time, providing a speedy and complete imaging desktop. Like iScan, iDesktop is compatible with both ISIS and TWAIN scanners allowing the deletion and rescan of documents or the addition of missed images or documents to the batch.

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Start using Intellectus’ great product suite and watch your business flow with a new level of productivity and control. Contact us today!
SECTION 508 Compliance Statement

Intellectus products are configurable to meet a wide range of requirements and needs including section 508 compliance.  Intellectus products include configurable menu options, text labels, screen resize and font selection capability. Designed for flexibility and ease of integration, all Intellectus products are configurable to meet the needs of people with diverse accessibility requirements. Creating accessible products is important to Intellectus, we understand the diverse employment needs of our global community. Accessibility and usability are good practices for all end users.  We strive to create products that are accessible to every person, including people with disabilities. Our solutions allow us to support the US government in making accessible information technology a reality.

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